Born in Jangbi

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Born in Jangbi is a realistic fictional story based on the Mönpa community in Trongsa and their unique culture and tradition passed down to them by their ancestors. The story is woven through the struggles faced by the protagonist Sangayla, who proved to rises from a destitute to the honorific post of the Education Minister of Bhutan. Through his struggle to get his education to get along the world of work to his swift rise in the power and success in each career ladder, the story takes though his hard work that led him to the massive success. It also talks in detail about how to look at problems through the positive lenses and embrace sacrifice to be agent of change in the society. Sangyala’s entrepreneurial attitude, positive mindset and wits to tackle harsh realities that life has thrown on him has proven as opportunity rich encounter to rise up each time he fell in his life and remain unshattered in all weathers of life. It also takes through the Bhutanese values of Thadamtse and Lajudrey and its role in building the Bhutanese society and their social beliefs. This story has touched the lives of many youths and at its best, the story is adapted to teach life skills in many schools across Bhutan. The story admired by the people of all walks of life, it is worth reading to understand the culture of Mönpa and its existence among many odds ruling them over many centuries.

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