Chronicle of a Love Foretold

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Published In: 2015
ISBN: 9789993694
No. of Pages: 227

Book Overview

Brought up by a single mother, Kinga Lhendup’s life is blighted by devastating consequences of neglect and a chain of mental roadblocks. Once in a while, a man comes into a woman’s life like a breath of fresh air and promises her the world. And once he ‘blesses’ her with his progeny, he disappears without a trace. Is this so-called fate or the man’s doing? Is he bestowed with options to choose his own fate? Having lived the consequences of ‘true love’, Kinga believes that the so-called ‘true love’ exists only in movies and books. He learns this the hard way from a man who could have been his ‘father’. But when he meets beautiful Namsa Lhazin who is engaged to someone, a series of dramatic events unfolds – breaking many hearts in the process – as they realign their fate and submit to their hearts. However, nothing is written on stone and, consequently, they are divided by a big chasm. What does it take to mend relationships? Chronicle of a Love Foretold is a story of fragile individuals torn between rigid social mores and unyielding human emotions. It is a narrative of how individuals experience agonising moments owing to their unwillingness to accept their mistakes and apologise. As the story unravels, the protagonists discover an open secret to healing deep scars.

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Customer Reviews

by Sonam Rigzang Seday (November 25, 2020)

3 Reviews

This is awesome ! At first I thought it would be boring ,but I really love it . I red this like 6 times now and I am still not sick of it ! 💗
I would recommend this book to those who loves , lovestory and betrayal .

by Kinleybidha (November 24, 2020)

6 Reviews

"Chronicle of a love foretold"is a love story amazingly written by one of the finest writers of Bhutan,Monu Tamang.I'm a proud reader to say that I have read this book more than three times,not because I didnt understand it but it was because I loved that book so much that I use to avoid my meals just to finish that book🤗🤗Its a book that I can read it over again and again.The book talks about Kinga and Namsa's love.Lots of difficulties and problems were on their way to life,however their love for each other, over came all those challenges.
Please do read😍

by Singay Namgay (November 07, 2020)

11 Reviews

We once asked him if the story is his true story because it is deeply beautiful, lyrical and magical romantic narrative.
It's deserves to be best read so much as it deserves best of the praise.

by Dilliram chhetri (September 20, 2020)

1 Reviews

This is the book I read twice. It was once when I was in grade twelve I was very curious to read bhutanese romance fiction but after I finished college I thought it is too relatable to college life and I read it again and the memories came so fresh. Wonderfully crafted with embedded emotions.

by Sherab Tenzin (June 12, 2020)

3 Reviews

When I flipped the pages of this book, some moments of my college days started getting unearthed one by one. I was at times laughing hysterically remembering my follies and also feeling proud realizing how much memories I have that are actually worth to be cherished.
But it doesn’t contain only about how narrator has proposed a girl, bunked classes, teased girls, boozed, went for walks, terrorized warden and tried unimaginable things from first page to last page. It’s a sensible journey of a college graduate narrated in two-time dimensions; present and past. As you follow his treads, you will be presented with various social problems that are prevalent in Bhutan as well as in other countries.
My curiosity started building up as I go on turning every page with my own presumed plots. But at the end, I was stabbed with a sudden change in the plot. When did a re-conciliatory conjuring of the whole plot in the end, I was in awe feeling apologetic instinctively for the time I have judged Dasho Lhakpa and Namsa.
I would say Chronicle of a Love Foretold is a moving story written with conversational eloquence. There are few medical procedures and physiotherapy terms. But the author has presented in simple manner as to be understood by all levels of readers.