Desire of soul

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Published In: 2021
ISBN: 978 99980 999 0 6
No. of Pages: 102

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Rabsel was without any direction in his life. He did't find any meaning in his survival. Accidentally he had unplanned conservation with his friend's classmate and strange love between them flourished as time passed. strange, that two of them never saw each other face. Things took an ugly turn when they saw each other and their relationship was at stake. Was the love meant only for good looking and wealthy?

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by Sangay Tshomo (April 14, 2022)

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Best book I ever read, I love the flow of its story and the word comprises is simple that everyone can read. Even the combination of every word will be difficult to describe the book that contains so many knowledge and lessons that I have gained reading this book. It's really interesting.Dear author, I am eagerly waiting for your next book. 

by Tashi Zangmo (April 03, 2022)

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One of the best book I have ever read. Story got smooth flow with mixed truth and pain. It's based describe the twenty first century which everyone of us must have experience through social media app Facebook.You all must read this book, I rate it five stars.

by Dorji Wangchuk (April 02, 2022)

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It's my first book. Help me to write more in future by dropping your honest opinion.

by Yeshi Dema (April 01, 2022)

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Desire of soul is one of the my best book that I have read till date. An author take you through  a journey of digital  age that we the youth of today have experienced in our lives.The main character Rabsal was in dream to be in love and to be loved by a girl. So he had a unplanned  conversation with his friend Pancha's friend  Yeshey. But stroy take an ugly turning  when they saw each other  in real. That everyone  of us have faced  in real.This novel is written  in very simple  words that can understand  by every age. This story got smoth flow mixed truth and pain everyone  of us has faced this situation. Ever youth most read this book to know about your own desire of soul.I really enjoyed  reading  this book. I love this book so much.

by Dorji Wangchuk (March 29, 2022)

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Desire of soul by Dorji Wangchuk who completed class  12 in 2020. Desire of soul is a heart touching novel which takes you through a journey of love between two young girl Yeshey and a boy called Rabsal.This book is based on 21 century how our young youths fall in love through social media app called Facebook.Is a very true story every one of us has experienced in our life.All the young youth must read this book to know about how our desire are over take without knowing each other but we fall in love.I have no regret spending my 270 to purchase this book.I arched all the young Bhutanese youth must read this book and you won't regret spending your time and money buying this book.

by Tenzin (March 29, 2022)

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One of the most interesting book I ever read till date.Every readers must read this book once. You know what actually desires means by reading this book.

by Ugyen Thinley (March 29, 2022)

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Here comes the short review of the book, Desires of soul by young author Dorji Wangchuk. This story reflects the sequence of incidents in Rabsel's life and how he regained his true love finally. It's a heartening tale of love, pain, lies and emotions.It has been past only a week publishing this book if you are interested to grab a copy do comment down la. It's my first venture as an author and hope all will like and enjoy it. I will give you a  hundred percent guarantee that you won't regret buying this book.It's such a great book written in a simple language. Everyone of you must read this book.

by Tshering Tashi (March 29, 2022)

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To all enthusiastic literature lovers,I bring this novelette titled "Desire of Soul", a book of 3 hours of a one-sit reading for a slow reader like me. It costs only Nu. 270. Love as the desire of soul is what the book intends to portray. It unfurls a contemporary or a digitalized love getting nourished or weakened, consolidated or broken via calls and texts. Every youth shall find oneself in the book nostalgically. The author, a plus 2 graduate, Mr. Dorji Wangchuk has used a language that can aptly be read and understood by people of all walks of life; primary to tertiary students, out of school youth, civil servants, retired and business personnel etc.. Order a copy of this novelette to farther extract; the exposition of love, its beautiful settings, episodic images, a well built plot, heart thudding climax, how the endured agony of love has been resolved and repainted, and a transitional denouement which shall give rise to the author's second book.