The Talisman of Good Fortune and Other Stories from Rural Bhutan

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Published In: 2002
ISBN: 978-9993661900
No. of Pages: 174

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The Talisman of Good Fortune and Other Stories from Rural Bhutan is a collection of nine fictitious short stories based on rural Bhutanese culture, beliefs and norms. The stories take the reader through some of the most simple beliefs, and lives, of the lay Buddhist rural Bhutanese in particular, and most Bhutanese in general, to the most complex and eerie but equally fascinating world of The Poison Givers, Persons with the Evil Spirit of the Living, Persons who cast Evil Spells, and what the author calls 'The Clandestine Foes.' The stories provide the reader a good insight of the 'least known' (to the outside world) and the 'least written' side of the rural Bhutanese life. Furthermore, the stories are highly thought provoking.

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Customer Reviews (6)

by Kelzang (August 06, 2021)

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Favorite set of folktales. I read that back in high school and loved the plot. The memories are still hung over like a weight and wouldn't trade this book for anything. 

by Sonam Choki (June 18, 2021)

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It is my second Bhutanese authored book I read as a high school student. The book is a collection of fiction stories based on traditional beliefs. Its the kind of folktale that Bhutanese people tell their younger generation.

The Talisman of the good fortune is about a curse handed down from generation to generation of a family by magical cauldron. This story has been later featured as Bhutanese movie “ The Golden Cup”. The culture and beliefs of rural Bhutan are outlined vividly in ‘The Talisman of good fortune and other stories from Bhutan’.

by Sangay (December 07, 2020)

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Book based on magic and stuffs that I love the most. I chose to review the story The Talisman of Good Fortune. Lhamo's family is cursed by the curse cast upon them by the magical cauldron. Her family was cursed during the time of her great-grandmother Dolkar. Dolkar was cursed because she exchanged the coins from the magical cauldron which was given to her by her father,to a Tibetan jeweler in exchange of a pair of turquoise.Ever since,her family had been cursed. The curse killed everyone who ate from their hand. Lhamo's daughter faces consequences of being a Poison Giver's daughter. She is criticized by the villagers and is even chased by the people when she attended her father's funeral.So, she with her brother runs away to a new village.

Sangay Wangchuk
Tashidingkha CS
Class 9.

by Ngawang Norbu (December 07, 2020)

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Karma and his mother Choiki under very terrible step father Dawa suffered alot. Dawa, the step father is a drunkard man and always beats his wife and Karma. Poor choiki even beaten fierce fully by Dawa she insisted love and care for him. If you were Karma, would you love to get beaten and see your mother beaten? In this story karma shows his unconditional love to his mother. However at the conclusion they both live very happily, free from cruel Dawa and lead to happy, turning themselves from poor to richer. In order to read the book here are the interesting things ;
*Four rules while plucking mushrooms
*the loving mother
*Karma's unconditional love towards his mother
*the ending -Review by (Ngawang Norbu class 9)Tashidingkha central school, Punakha

by Tenzing Thrisel Yeatsho (November 29, 2020)

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The Talisman of Good Fortune is a very good book. In this book it talks about many magical stories that fascinated me very much. This book is about evil spirits and evil magic. The first story talks about the poison givers where people give good food to people but the food turns into poison. In the second story the legendary Zangpo steals food and creates humor in a humble village. There are also other stories where people fight with bears, people getting fascinated by seeing an umbrella,where people use evil magic and where people travel all the way to India to trade. Which really fascinates me.

by Pelden Wangchuk (July 31, 2020)

21 Reviews

This book is focused on Bhutanese folktales. The child in you will revive again upon reading this book full of fun fictitious stories. Some story are common and some are new to me.

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