Cheda, born to father Rinchen Namgay and mother Tandrel Zangmo. His writing career started off, when he was in class 9 and age of 15. He has been writing numerous stories since class 9 but left unpublished. His mission is to inspire and motivate our fellow youth in expressing themselves through LITERATURE. His Dzongkha novel ངེའི་སེམས་ཀྱི་མཁའ་འགྲོམ།-An Angel of My Soul has been published. The author is a Rigzhung student studying in class XI Taktse CS who aims and intends to preserve and promote our national language and culture. The author hope and wishes everyone a happy reading and may the readers find pleasure in going through the story and promote the skills of reading and understanding our national language Dzongkha. “Write to express rather than to become a renowned one.”