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In Love with Butterflies and Other Stories

.My Book Review
1.Title:A bottle of promises
2.Author:Sonam Tashi
3.what is the book about?
Ans.This book is about the issue of alcohol abuse and it's social cost .As in the book dupchu is addicted in alcohol and because of alcohol, he was fired from the job and quarrel with his wife.
2. New vocabularies.
Ans.1.lanky :(of a person)ungracefully thin and tall.
2.sober :not affected by alcohol.
3.jolting:move with sudden lurches.
4.gravely:to a degree that gives cause of
4.what was your favorite part?
Ans:My favorite part of the story was when protagonist ask question to Dupchu, "why do you drink?"than Dupchu said said that "it is like being in love, you know ".And "I don't see my life without it".It convey that Dupchu cannot live without alcohol. And alcohol is like a oxygen to him.
5.Who was your favorite character. Why?
Ans:My favorite character is Dupchu because he is a jovial man.When protagonist saw him all time drinking alcohol he never insisted protagonist on joining him.Rather ,he advised protagonist never to drink. And he never gets angry to other people ,in any situation.
6.What is the Theme of the story.
Ans.The issue of alcohol abuse and its social cost. because we know that alcohol is bad for health. Because of alcohol, people are fighting at home.