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The Guru Drinks Bourbon?

As I am trying to review this book, I feel inadequate to truly comprehend what Rinpoche is revealing. All I can do is try to vaguely surmise the content humbly.
This book is about a most significant Vajrayana Buddhist practice of finding ones Guru and devoting oneself to the ultimate aspiration of realizing enlightenment. Everything from how to identify a good guru over a bad one, some of the challenges in finding a guru in present times and how to inculcate unconditional devotion is articulated with simplicity and sharpness.

Notes, Selected Writings, 2008-2018

I would call Peky’s book of notes, collected from 2008-2018, a petite little book with petite little stories. Both fictional and non-fictional, the stories cover a wide range of topics. My favorite piece would be ‘Beauty, Don’t Let It Die’ which reminds the reader of finding beauty in the ordinary and common.