Karma Cheki

I am Karma Cheki from Dolepchen, Khamdang gewog under Trashiyangtse Dzongkhag and currently to pursue Post Graduate Diploma in Secondary Education from this summer. I have studied Bachelors of Arts in Language and Literature from the College of Language and Culture Studies. I was often fed with bedtime stories upon the joy to read, ever since I was a child. It took me long to realize my interest in literature until I wanted to read more of the Bhutanese cultural contextual versions of stories. Having known the fact that I was born with interest to listen, read and write, I knew writing is only the way at another level to express one’s creative thoughts. The first debut novel of mine is “Miracle One Day.” The book will make you roar like a flood to wipe away the things you are scared of. It doesn’t matter even if your voice is small; it should be made to sing the song. Your voice should be in the bush burning and rushing wind. Then feel like a forest fire with the power of heaven in your flames. By only being part of a literature, I feel it is the tool to take the world over another horizon, grow, and expand one’s expressions and creative level. Literature is the worth to travel beyond the dimensions. I shall remain forever in love with the works of literature and commit to remain warm by being wrapped with the petals of arts in literature.