Nima Wangdi Waiba

Nima Wangdi Waiba is obsessively fond of writing from a very young age. He started writing his first novel, 'Rat in the Hole' since grade viii. He wishes to convey universal truths through his work. The Young and energetic author dreams of reading his own wide wild imaginations by placing it on his palm. His book coverage basically focuses on crime and law, religion, belief, science, romance, greed, family, friendship, and also circumstantial intuitions. This showers the reader with faith in suspense, hope in mystery, breakthrough in confusion, and the inclusion of romance provides peaceful break to the shaken and anxious mind of curious reader. Nima Wangdi Waiba hails from the Land of Thunder Dragon, Bhutan. He stood national third in grade x and in addition, the recipient of many renowned scholarships in Bhutan. On completion of grade xii he received the most prestigious scholarships from RSSTEM to pursue an engineering courses abroad. He examines other's action and does exactly the opposite which leads him to the right and different path. That's the reason why his thoughts are yet to meet the pen and paper. However, young author is already working into next novel.