Rat in the Hole

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Published In: 2020
ISBN: 9789998096806
No. of Pages: 159
Nu. 250.00

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Somewhere down the path of life we do encounter people with charismatic mask of loyalty and honesty but with hidden skin of betrayal and inhumanity. They will exhale gasp of greed and hatred but we inhale it as love. These are mystery of real life where disguised rat will make mysterious hole right under our eyes but we would be blinded with their beautiful mask. However with heart of confidence and love one can see right through their false mask or into their hole of deception that they have built. Love is universal language that every elements of nature can understand. And confidence is a fuel that runs vehicle of love. Rat in a hole is a captivating novel with the taste of mystery and love. Nima is a young high school student who wanted to fly away from home into the heavenly Thimphu city. Soon he would find himself capable of achieving his dreams to solve deadlock mystery of mine billion. "Rat chewed nine billion in a night." Younten shouted who was accused of stealing it from the safe that is impossible to break. In such heart throbbing time too, he smiles and laugh in darkness because he was in love with an angel and she is waiting him in the paradise.

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Customer Reviews (9)

by Madhu S Dungyel (June 18, 2022)

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Rat in the hole is a romantic story with taste of mystery. One of the first Bhutanese fiction novel with love story in a crime scenes.
"She put her arms around my neck and kissed me hard. It was the most romantic kiss I had in life. Her tears that ran down our lips tested a mixture of emotion and romance. She began to unfasten my cloth. I hesitated. She kissed me again. I could hear the things falling on the ground from the table. The door opened and closed on its own. It rained heavily outside. The dazzling of lightning and thunder roaring took away our passion. We made our first love under full view of two pairs of eyes - CCTV recording us."
"Oh my god! CCTV cameras were not ashamed to record our romance."
I have shared 2 years of my high school life with the author of the novel. I am pretty sure that he will come up with new stories in near future and I am real excited to read every page.

by Pasang Dema Tamang (June 10, 2022)

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Rat in the Hole is one of the marvelous nobles. It is infact written perfectly connecting fiction work into real life. The charm of this book is it gives lots of delimma perfectly solved  which encourages readers to read next page as well. This book gave me lots of new words and beautiful lessons. This book never made me bore, infact i finished reading it overnight due to eagerness. Thank you auther for such a masterpiece.

by Chimi gyeltshen (June 06, 2022)

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To be honest I rarely read books but after reading this book I  am  developing a good  reading habit. This book taught me   that  being small doesn't  mean you aren't  capable of doing things  and in addition  to it, this book taught me that we should never trust someone 100%.

by Shapnam Chuwan (June 06, 2022)

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Imposter kiddddd! Wow! CIA in Bhutanese book. I feel like reading western detective books with CIA agent.i liked the main character, around 15 years old village boy acting as central Intelligence Agent (CIA) and solves the dead log mystery of nine Billion. Reading this book was like flying on the magic carpet to funny, romantic, thrilling and magical plots.

by Kelzang Dema (June 06, 2022)

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It's already 2 years after I  read this book. The plot, the twist, the events, still flashes like it was yesterday I closed it. There is no rat but there is a rat. A rat that chewed billions in a snap of time. How can a boy, so immature, unskilled, new to the town environment, take such a risky road to map that darn rat ?? Money is either chewed by a rat or spirited away. The quest to unfurl all mystery, there is so much fun, excitement, curiosity, anxiety and all kind of moods salad ? one can ever find. Read once. You won't regret. It's pure literature.?

by Duken Tshering (June 05, 2022)

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'Rat in the Hole' is a best book that I have read so far. The book is written by the young, intelligent and hardworking writer. As I start to read the book, I was encouraged and curious to read  as it contains interesting setting, authors, and the theme. Enjoy reading this book, written by the grade 10 student. who has a passion to become a written in the future. Please ? support our young, upcoming future writers. Thank you ? 

by Biri Dolma (June 05, 2022)

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Title:Rat in the hole.
This book is about:
Life.In our day to day life we came to face with many problems and we encounter with many people having different mindset. Some human being they pretend to be good infront of us but they actualy hate us. Some people enter in our world to give us trouble but we think it as a love.life is all about happiness,sadness, suffering so, therefore forget about past and walk in the path to achieve your dream.My opinion is :Each and everyone should read this book. You will be suprised how amazing it is. So don't wait for tommrrow and read this book by today itself.I'm pretty sure that you goona love this piece.Thank you 

by Kinley Wangyel (June 04, 2022)

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‘ Rat in
the hole’, as amusing as the title gets, the story unleashes its glory in the most
unexpected ways possible. A lot of books out there are fabled in love and miseries.
However this one here is a unique set of modern science, a lot of detective
works and a blissful tale of love and spirit. The book unravels the mysteries
of a huge load of money unhooked and  vanquished
owner owning it back. Rebounding the climax with unbelievable thoughts and showcase
of visionary, the author has portrayed his 
work with such  delicate twists  and insights. What’s more
appreciable is the author's  dedication
and passion towards the book he has honed for. Nima Wangdi Waiba was in his
tenth grade when he was building up those parts by pieces and bringing to such
fine showcase of wit and talent. Without any instruments back then he had to
request for laptops to type  and now here
he is selling thousands of copies making it all worth the effort and
dedication. I strongly recommend this book to all those who are aspiring to be
future writers and united through the ethics  of writing, Nima Wangdi is a source of
inspiration and yet to unleash his stories to the world, is a young man in
progress . I promise you all it is worth the time and passion you read this
book . Let’s support Nima in his journey and be tempted to his future works.
Thank you.  

by Yeshi Wangmo (June 04, 2022)

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" Rat in the hole" is not only a book with pages and mere words but with the inclusion of various themes and genres like mystery, crime, friendship, disguise, love, and fantasy. The book keeps the readers engaged throughout the story for which there is no way one could get bored while reading it. Furthermore, every events in the story has a tendency to keep the readers in suspense and curiosity which continuously absorbs the readers attention more into it. The book is basically about how a young boy from a remote village could solve a deadlocked Mystery of five years. It might seem unbelievable but he does! He breaks the barrier of that strange mystery which couldn't be even done by those highly professionals and investigators. The way the protagonist examines every little thing and solves the great unsolved mystery fills the minds of the readers with great satisfaction. The book is truly Worth reading and i personally feel that the readers wouldn't regret. One will not know its worthiness unless you grab a copy of it!