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Byline is a concoction of newspaper articles from 2001-2019  under the chapters of People & Society, Politics , Economy & Media, Travel, Youth & Education, Mental health and everything that a journalist would get his hands on.
For someone who grew up reading paper copies of kuensel, one might get overwhelmed with nostalgia. It is not very often that a reader gets treated to such high quality journalism all in one book.  The author  gives us an intelligent & mostly unbiased analysis of Bhutan's move through time. The articles are either futuristic, trailblazing or our situations were constant for an extended time period, going by the dates mentioned. I hope the former is true.
It exudes warmth, memory and presence of vibrant close knit Bhutanese society. A must read for those that want to take a travel through time . An insightful read it is.