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Bhutan's Crowning Glory

This book is solely on the life of our Druk Gyalpo as the of one of the Great monarch of our country. It describes starting from the transition of government of Bhutan to our new Druk Gyalpo to the selfless and dynamic efforts of our Druk Gyalpo. It reflects the early life and education of our Druk Gyalpo which Bhutanese needs to take pride for having such a highly qualified leader. Interestingly there are also some appreciating incidences which the Druk Gyalpo handled it so amazingly like breaking the social stigmas such as having Tshogchang from which people believe a 'poison giver' and the narration on existence of Dragon. There is also the inclusion of his social and economic reforms like establishment of DHI, Cadestral survey, Local Goverment, Judiciary, Kidu and a lot more which are categorized under four pillars of Gross National Happiness. some of the inspiring speeches addressed by our Druk Gyalpo are also included.  In short from this book we can undertand His Majesty as a truely 'People's King'. 

The Biography of Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal

This book has more unheard histories of Zhabdrung. The auspicious signs and symbols that made him realise his destination falls in the south, his personal life, the places he visited and his sacrifice and struggles as the first architect of Bhutan.   

The History of Bhutan

Its a a detailed and informative history on Bhutan starting from pre-history to the modern History of Bhutan. It covers the origin on the names,languages and Bhutanese people, ancient period of Bhutan on the building of Kyichu and Jampa lhakhang by King Songtsen Gmapo and his history. it also includes Pema Lingpa and his lineages, Zhabdrung's contribution and sacrifice as a architect of the nation, some prominent desis and the situation of the country, rise of Jigme Nmagyel and Druk Gyalpo Ugyen Wangchuck. Finally the book covers on second Druk Gyalpo, third Druk Gyalpo and Fourth Druk Gyalpo and their reforms in the country. i highly recommend to read this book.  

As I Am, So is My Nation

The book shares how the surroundings around us shape us and how it makes an impact on our nation. Its all our grooming ourselves with the knowledge, values and being responsible citizen of the nation and help in nation building. It also talks about the beauty of our nation with the great leader and how we need  to respect and to take pride in our nation. The book helps us to realize how fortunate we are to be Bhutanese and about being a proud and responsible citizen.   

From Jesuits to Jetsetters - BOLD BHUTAN BECKONS - Inhaling Gross National Happiness

This book contains the rich insights on culture and values of Bhutan. It tells the sacred Baeyul in Punakha, mystical musical instrument(Dramngyen), Tsampa tashi who prefers in serene mountains than valley, the brave war fought by our Great Fourth Druk Gyalpo, mystical presence of Yeti in Bhutan, the majestic peak of Jomolhari, dedicated service of zimpoen Dorji Gyeltshen to fourth Druk Gyalpo and many beautiful histories of Bhutan. It covers on the overall aspects on Bhutan.