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Thus i Heard

Hello everyone, the book "Thus I heard" reveals all about comedy and jests. There are 108 jokes written in the book , the author is a writer, editor, and blogger.(The chuckoo and the pigeon in 2009) and (Then I saw her face in 2012) are the two books written by the author, it was designed an illustrated by iBEST STUDIOS and the art or pictures are done by Chaplop Passang Tshering. We can see the book, in a small size but after looking the cover page of the book , each words and the sentences expresses a jests. It can make you active, get a chance to show lustre smile and sometimes it might cure the patient in unbelievable way. Reading it again and again, it inspires us to write but not just stories, poem, essay, journal, songs, and jokes, also in different, read as much as you can that u would be explored and stay safe, lets us fight against covid-19.THANK YOU.