Thus i Heard

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Published In: 2019
ISBN: 978-99936-867-1-2
No. of Pages: 220
Nu. 250.00

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If a fool laughs thrice at a joke, Thus i Heard will make you laugh endlessly. It is a collection of 108 everyday witty verbal exchanges the author had heard at different times and places in Bhutan that made him laugh out loud. It is a minefield of wits, satires, repartee, insights and humors. Read it to laugh in solitude. Share it to laugh with multitude.

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by Sonam C Choden (January 29, 2020)

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Thus I Heard- Ngawang Phuntsho✍️
Thus I Heard is like a medicine for depression and solitude. This afternoon I felt so lonely and flipped the pages. Indeed, I am more than fool to laugh at silly jokes but this book made me laugh till the end. Thus i Heard is a compilation of 108 daily witty verbal exchanges the author had heard at different times and places in Bhutan. Author has beautiful used the literary devices to give more flavor. It is a humorous book and laughing gas for me. I like overall presentation of the book. From the cover page itself we can say that it something to do with humors.

If you are in tense go grab the book it cost only 250 BTN, it will help you to forget your tension.

"Read it to laugh in solitude".
"Share it to laugh with multitude".

by Chablop PaSsu (January 02, 2020)

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Cute Little Book
Thus I Heard is a deceivingly small book that is packed with everyday humour; it’s a kind of funny companion one can carry in a pocket and refer to whenever one feel low.
It can be read at once or be read slowly over time.
It’s a compilation of jokes that are told and heard everywhere but never recorded as such.