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PaSsu Diary: A Journal of an Ordinary Bhutanese

This book feels like a time machine with so many events unfolding revealing its own wonder and magic.Just when we are captured by its magic we realized learn something new or got reminded something we have turned a blind eye.
A well written book.

Lights in the Darkness

A short but a very learnable book as it teaches us about how in life everyone has their own share of misery but life goes on.At the sametime it remind us on how giving up is never the option.

Dawa: The Story of a Stray Dog in Bhutan

Its has the perfect blend of events which allow us to connect with this story at the same time it also gently remind us of our cultures, and belief throught Dawa.Many times while going throught the story we tend to see so many aspect of bhutan before there was this full blown development in the country.Highly recommended.