Lights in the Darkness

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Norbu is the fourth of the seven children born to Jampel and Tshering Yangzom on 2nd of September 1996. Life was easier with parental warmth where togetherness was the culture, herding in the rain and leeches were the only worries then. Norbu’s educational journey begun at the age of eight with self-motivation and interest for learning, everything went well until his father had to say goodbye to this world and his mother had to play the dual role. The coming of a new father worsened their lives as step-parent to step-child’s relation. Not long after their mother’s union with their new dad, the elder sibling started to abandon the family and finally, their only world (mother) also left, leaving the wingless chicks. Now Norbu had to become a father when he’s still a boy and decided to hold the axe when he should be holding a pen if not for the constant insistence of his teachers and his undying interest for learning. Norbu's shortened childhood is becoming of a man. The boldness he exhibits in becoming the man of the house is an inspiration. At such a tender age he had to undertake physical jobs while bearing the mental turmoil. The audacity the "manly child" undertakes to Feed the younger ones and the circumstances he overcomes against the departure is the sheer joy to admire. Amid such emotional burdens, excellence in anything he does only tells us how serious he is with life. This 78 paged book of 26 short articles sends out so much of messages about the choice and acceptance, spirituality and reality, mentality and hope in despair. This book is for the old and young alike; it must raise the hope of those in despair and edify how it feels to have nothing to those in abundance. This honest autobiography indeed is a revelation of all virtuosity that every individual will not be reluctant to grasp. It can be a handy handbook for the counsellors across the country dealing with the mental health of our youths. I suggest everyone buy a copy to contribute a little amount for Norbu and his sibling's Education.

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by Tashi lhamo yeshi (January 09, 2020)

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Lights in the darkness
This book is written by Norbu jamtsho born to Jampel and Tshering Yangdon on 2nd September 1996 in Pemagatshel dzongkhag Bhutan.Many challenges came to his after his father's death.After his father's death his elder brother was compelled to drop out of school to support their family. After his father's death his mother was widow for five years. Her mother struggled a lot with her kids. During one of the winter vacation Norbu heard some rumors that her mother was going to remarry. At the beginning of 2011 Norbu mom remarried. Then the problems came to their family.After norbu mother second marriage she went to her second husband house. Many challenges came to Norbu Jamtsho's life,his mind was disturbed one he decided to drop out of school but due to the encouragement of his teachers and friends who knew his situation he was able to resume his education. After the completion of primary school he transferred to boarding school. During his winter break he spent the days doing heavy works he was able to earn Nu 6000 by the end of the vacation that was not enough for the shopping. Once he made a call to her elder sister who lives in Thimphu to send some money for his shopping but she refuse. When he went to shopping he skip his wants. When he was studying at Gonpasingma LSS he had 2 adopted sisters who help them in every condition. When he was at Nangkhor HSS Norbu had a class teacher Madam Ashley Lenzen who was from Canada.She was the one of Norbu's great master. One day she gave them journal entry to write about themselves. Norbu wrote about that he was taking father's responsibility among his younger ones. She spent most of her time editing Norbu's story. From the support from Madam Ashley Norbu jamtsho was able to write a book on his own life story