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Thus i Heard

Thus I Heard is like a medicine for depression and solitude. This afternoon I felt so lonely and flipped the pages. Indeed, I am more than fool to laugh at silly jokes but this book made me laugh till the end. Thus i Heard is a compilation of 108 daily witty verbal exchanges the author had heard at different times and places in Bhutan. Author has beautiful used the literary devices to give more flavor. It is a humorous book and laughing gas for me. I like overall presentation of the book. From the cover page itself we can say that it something to do with humors.

If you are in tense go grab the book it cost only 250 BTN, it will help you to forget your tension.

"Read it to laugh in solitude".
"Share it to laugh with multitude".

Dawa: The Story of a Stray Dog in Bhutan

Dawa is my all time favorite novel. When I first read "Dawa the stray dog" in 2009 I really enjoyed reading. Besides, Dawa is very smart, lovable and funny dog. Just like a human Dawa also travelled to Thimphu by crossing the passes. He is exampleary leader in howling pax. He has capacity to understand dzongkha. He lives in Changangkha looking over the Thimphu city. Dawa is not just a stray dog but extraordinary dog.
Please! flip the pages to Know, why he is extraordinary dog?

The Circle of Karma

This novel is about typical Bhutanese girl known as Tshomo who dipicts the most character of Bhutanese women. Her life is in turmoil and suffers from sickness. Despite being illiterate she travels from one of the remote place to the Indian plain, Nepal and Bodhgaya as a Pilgrim. Her journey is full of hardship and struggle. Gradually, she becomes nun.
Explore yourself by reading a whole book by Kuenzang Choden, why Tshomo become nun ?,why is it called "The Circle of Karma"?.

La Ama... a mother’s call

La Ama,” a story by Chador Wangmo seemed like a fairy tale when I first saw the title. As I flipped the pages, I came to know that there is no world of fairy tale but only misery and disharmony. Author has artistically exposed secrets behind the closed door of Bhutanese society. An Author has focused on gender discrimination and male supremacy.
Bhutan claims to have no gender discrimination, but in reality it is not true. Women’s single act of adultery is considered as a sin and men’s thousand faults are taken into consideration, (Wangmo, 2015, p.76). Everyone believes that man can do anything but woman can’t. As I went through each chapter, it reflects the story of my half-sister. Her parent’s divorce had led her to mournful life. Her step-father was the additional source of sorrow. “Was there any reason to fear the outside world when brutal predators existed within the family walls?” (Wangmo,2015, p.126). Dechen was brutally raped by her teacher. She did not even get justice. All those notion seems wrong for me because in this 21st century women should not be judged by their sexuality.
In many cases, I have noticed wife being dominated by their husband. This text creatively tells that woman have to depend upon the man, which leads to patriarchal society. she challenged herself to leave his husband rather than always being dominated by him. Happiness gained at the initial of their marriage was just like a fairy tale but later it has made her realize that she was mercilessly abused by her brutal husband.
This society is beyond my understanding, if a girl is with many boys she is consider to be slut. If a boy is with many girls he is just a flirty boy. A home maker who sacrifice life for her family is always introduced as house wife. Text has a hidden meaning that states about struggle faced by every woman. It has lot more to say how women has to challenge the gender inequality in the society. “I’m a woman, the weaker sex, as people call us”, (p.195). This line clearly shows that women are always look down by our society. The story ends with the thought of encouragement for women to leave their husband if they are treated like a slaves. I would recommend my friends to read “La Ama, Mother’s call written by Chador Wangmo.


PaSsu Diary: A Journal of an Ordinary Bhutanese

PaSsu Diary didn't let me off to Washroom✍ (September 13, 2019)

Laptop is on…word is open…curser is blinking on the blank page like my empty brain. I didn't know what to jot down. Hands are rested on the keyboard and Eyes are still blinking.

Luckly I found PaSsu Diary written by CHABLOP PASSANG TSHERING in my book shelf. It has been almost half a year that i didn't touch a book to upgrade my reading skills. It caught my attention when my few friends came to appear PE exam from Samdrup Jongkhar. My friend karma talked about this book and i intentionally told Jigme to keep here with me only to received a call from Yangchen to send sooner to her.

Anyways my new start of reading for 2019 is not bad. After responding a call i flipped over the pages to complete the novel. To my surprise it further excited me for the next episode. I cannot visit the toilet although i was suffering from loose motion. Since, author has beautifully crafted his thoughts into meaningful words. I had a sleepless night because of PaSsu Diary. Since this one is life changing novel. For that reason i have developed a note to the creative and honest author of the book just to show my appreciation.

*Note to Chablop(teacher of the toilet) based on his book👇

Dear author you really are creative writer,
The moment i started reading your diary,
I fall in love with your single words.

The first chapter "Students In Love"
really made me think love affairs in school should not be seen illegal.

Thus "Forbidden Arm"talks how harmful tattoo is. How regretful to have it one.

And you found happiness after letting your wife to "quit her job" as she found joy in the business.

Your Potato and chips story made me laugh as i knew how funny we Bhutanese are.

"HUBSONTHER" gave me shock because there is no such words in dictionary but you used creativity effectively.
It is interesting you clubbed three words to create one. (Hub)by(son)Fa(ther) all together made hubsonther.😲

Whipping the son when required is best idea to bring child on track.
Must be vigilant not to touch child in anger, like you mentioned anger is unreasonable.

World stopped for a moment when she saw first time in the history, father crowning the son.
Thus she had witnessed the magic of the millennium.

It breaks my heart when we no longer beat the drums and march on 11th November.
Although, extraordinary day will remain imprinted in our heart forever.

I have seen how fathers are joyfully agonyed,
Yet very much excited to listen to his child's first cry with wide open ears behind the closed labour door.
On your daughter's first birthday its funny that you have slept well beside awaken daughter and your wife.
However, you understood the meaning of birthday.

I can clearly understand the meaning when you say about the book of your mother.
How miserable she had lived her life just like Cinderella tale.
Glad that you wanna give all the world happiness to her.

It is more interesting when your son changed his speech topic during morning assembly.
But you felt proud wheb he considered you as his role model.

After reading Wangay's letter i feel pity on hardworking teachers.
But i hope your friend have got a justice now.
Your dream of "bereavement leave" might have came true.

It is disheartening to know about dangerous practice in our communities.
So called cooking up rumors while going through Bhutan's biggest earthquake.

Yes! "The Oscar for the best blog will always go to PaSsu" because you are passionate blogger.
You got Ashi Jetsun's interest on your blog
Thus made your visit to Lingkana Palace more memorable.

On oct 13th 2011 royal wedding took place
And world have seen the crowning glory,
As Bhutan crowned its queen.
I am pretty much sure your daughter will love reading your work,
when she grow up into adulthood.

You are right that we see no record in the history, king who is still potential leave his throne at the age of 51.
Never seen father king crowning his son.
It brings immense joy thinking about Father king's gift of happiness.

I see Bhutan is "full of mountains and valleys",
Mr.Khaw even said Bhutan is not a last Shangri-la.
But i was more surprised when you questioned him, What did you expect?
You are right Bhutan can become Singapore,
Singapore can never become Bhutan.

At the age of 17 i was only in grade 11,
Silently looking at handsome boys.
Our bold 17 young Jigme ascended the golden throne and gave hope to his lost people.
He was too young to leave his play ground and become king.
But his majesty ensured enough happiness for us.

Leprosy stigma was finally gone.
Sadly, Virus called AIDS has arrived to change the fate of millions.
I think we can still afford one more room for that victim.

We should be preserving iconic Paro Town,
If we lose Paro, as you said
"history may never forgive us".

I too feel there should be Ngultrum Identity
In bhutanese way of life.
Because i am tired seeing Rs. & $ sign on every tag.

I was wondering what is restricted species,
But you kindly refered teacher as the one.

I have been bright student during my school days,
I do have good marks but as you said this are all out of syllabus.
I just created a job rather than running after a job,
So, i think i have answer the call of life.

As a reader i am proud of you(author),
For stoping a man humiliating a woman in public.
Referering a fight than running to the class.

"Don't let their death go in vain" chapter pricked my heart because we are ignorant,
Our kindness inside us is harming many innocent life.
Yeah! "lets stop agreeing that death happens because of destiny".

I am also in the top list for not showing the appreciation for Bhutanese celebrites.
Difficult to recognise who he was after watching Phurba Thinley's comedy.
After going through your lines i think i will assemble all the courage to show gratitude if i saw anyone of them.

Telling truth for girls might have saved many life from hundred of fake promises,
made by unfaithful man.
They might have received a greater promises of their life,
That no man can give.

Oops! Ielts has been superstar in Bhutan since 2012,
It still is superstar this days.
I have no say about opportunity and credibility,
Well business is going well.

Our youth can't survive upon the salary thats lesser than someone's lunch bill.
There is more rejected jobs than jobless youth.

I want to convey the world don't design a permanent certificate because of your temporary mischief.
Tattoo on body can't change the people's thought.
Dont copy celebrities design because those celebrities have millions of dollars.

June 24,2012 made us watch our history burn.
We lost our 400years old Wangdue dzong to aggresive fire.
I was only 18 that time without much feeling of lost.
Now i felt sorry for our precious 1950s dzong.

I dont know how to show respect for Dasho Dzongda as he risked his life to rescue nangtens.
Finally you gave us hint that in our new history,
We will get a chance to say "that's the dzong built by 5th king and his people in 2012".

Is our pride that His Majest's Charm in Bangkok is a license to travel abroad.

Maths teacher at the fuel pump poured a enough knowledge,
How simple robbery is taking place even in fuel station.

I heard several times my grand mother talking about her Dorjipuen.
Never asked her what is it?
Today i got perfect meaning(brothers and sisters for next life) after reading your book.

I have a bitter experience that failed parenting will often lead to children's negative mindset.

By now i hope your lopen have been living happy after retirement.

People are irresponsible because we break simple rules every day.
They smoke where there is"no smoking sign".
You are right they had parked a car right on "No Parking".
Blasting noise where there is "Silence, please" notice.
Littering around " do not litter",
And splitting red doma spit on "Do not Spit Sign".
That makes we are in human.

Although going to Tibet was favourite game,
Dishearten to know the trade was marked illegal,
As many home will miss warm blanket.

What's your excuse? Is also making me remember "Nayak".
And wishing Happy anniversary, your majesties on 13th oct made you cry.

That Gap between school and home left many rooms to develop negative activities.
The inner search made me recollect my old memories,
That i too felt funny for doing it.

The character certificate can redefine the way human world function.
Shocked to know that Lomba is considered common birthday.

Rice votes from the people of Haa might have turn Haa valley into green.
While Bee solution have two different positive impact.

Teachers' day in Bhutan is an appreciation from student.
If teachers cann't teach then what will they do?.

A piece of history in Bajothang left curiosity in my nerves.
Monthly birthday gift needs to be education insurance rather blowing candles and cutting cakes.

Perhaps the history of Mojo dog keeps me thinking.
The day you met the Prime Minister completely melted your fears.

Your daughter's first day in school,
made you feel your daughter is bold enough.
Students' haircut become a issue not knowing the story behind.

Yes some parents are divorced,
Not all marriages are made in heaven.
Easy education is a blessing for all bhutanese only if we realise its values.

Love story and real life story is different story.
If we are greedy we will eat salty food forever.
10 Business of 1990s now become a history.

Rural Heritage Museum in my school is your project.
Wangdue dzong has been destroyed across the time.

Say no to sex on camera is good idea because sex is a private affair in human life.
100 bars in Bajothang might have increased to 200 bars now.
Diamond ring from a facebook friend is all scam.

First dzong in Haa is Dumcho dzong,
Audience with His Majesty is like Shakespeare writing poetry.
Democracy and love marriage to be seen from one angle.

Our cup of pesticide is everday tea.
Seven years in Bajothang reminded you to return back.
Bhutan Toilet Organization is my long awaited topic.

Little maya is very confident little girl.
A horsewoman of Taktshang is as brave as fighting lion.
Mythical treasure of Daga Dzong interest me to visit once.
The Buffalo horn in Daga dzong has mystery behind.

Paro has a problem in waste management,
Yet to education few more people.
His Majesty's carpenter story has a great message.
Visiting museums in Bhutan will spark imagination about past and future.

What can we learn from Nepal's earthquake is to avoid evil rumors.
Being responsible and smart on social media is your freedom.

108 trees for citizenship is Guinness world record.
108 prayers flages is for departed souls.
We will make good business if we reuse the poles.
Terton Sherab Mebar we missed in school was understood in greater way.
Journey of Terton Sherab Mebar's Kudung was puzzling.

Name changing syndrome is still confused.
DNA that your adopted sister has passed down is her kindness.
From the hospital bed we cant do that we like.
Thus honest scooter got disgusting laugh.

Entitlement is knowledge we took home after paid workshop.
Life is too short to wait for an abusive husband to change.
"Who the hell will protect her if the very man on her bed is assaulting her"?

Surprise gift from your wife is biggest gift( quit smoking).
Your stepfather was no less than anyone's father.
Pledge to live like The Great Fourth is best birthday gift.

Traditional Bhutanese Toilet habits is more strange.
More than just a date is 6th Februay.
Museum on the highway has many mythical stories.
Birthplace of khandro Sonam Palden is in Wang Simo.

Mother's sweet revenge is sweetest ever.
The moment with His Majesty the King was priceless.
A girl who was lost and never found is Dechen.
Later she had new beginning.

Dirty toilet is a mindset needs to be clean.
No schools on Saturday is light feeling.
Rice cooker disease is sugar disease.
Orginal or Chinese is contradictory.

Monsoon lessons is about un-Bhutanese.
Fragments of the king's dream was his blessings.
Toilet in laya was impressively clean.
Ap Phub's Bridge to Laya was another heart touching story.

Drakarpo Kora was toughest spiritual journey,
But its your stairway to heaven.
Toilet for your mother was your happiness,
As her eyes were filled with pride.

Soon I am sending PaSsu Diary back👍

Book review by
Sonam Choden