The Tale of the Billionaire Vectors: A Fantastic Fly and a Mesmerizing Mosquito

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Published In: 2020
ISBN: 978-99936-53-31-6
No. of Pages: 59

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The Tale of the Billionaire Vectors: A Fantastic Fly and a Mesmerizing Mosquito is a fascinating tale that delves into a journey of a young and charming wife with an aged husband. It brings into the sketch of how personal pleasure, cultural dogma and malpractices aggravate the lives of an innocent. It just takes a keen listening skills to start a conversation and that becomes the whole part of a solution. The whole set of an events unfolds as a lifelong lesson as to the man and later, tells the tale of a fly and a mosquito.

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by Nirmal Biswa (December 10, 2020)

1 Reviews

Title: The Tails of Billionaire Vector.
Author: Men Singh Lepchu.
This book is a realistic friction about a regretful couple. Who have regretted on their 5-year old daughter named Chechey's dead. Which was due to not well treated diarrhoea and the caused was unhygienic lifestyle of the family, though they were given health awareness meeting in the village. After a day of funeral the mother (Yeewong) was diagnosed with dengue fever. Yeewong blames Sangay (Father) for the dead of their child as he is a alcoholic person. After discharging from the hospital with lots of wisdom, Sangay quits alcohol and eventually their lifestyle changed. On the 49th day of funeral the kind hearted narrator (doctor) who was invited to the funeral visits the couple with his friend Goodo (lab technician). They gave piece of suggestion when they saw gallons of alcohol to Jangsem. After a short talk Sangay narrates fable of a fly and a mosquito to the narrator, which the narrator wanted to hear but couldn't ask.
On the return journey to the village, Jangsem says that sangay is selected as their village Gup for 2021 as he have grown into most sociable, trusted and highly influential men in the village.
My favourite character is Sangay as he shows drastic shift in character from a worthless man to a great human being.
I liked Sangay as he resembles a district shift in character from a worthless less human being to a greatest human being.
If don't read this book than you r missing one of the greatest tails of 2020.