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We talks about preservation and conservation but it is easier said than done. If we have to, do it without much delay and circumstances in the middle. This book is full research done by a group of young energetic teachers. It is full process done in one of the region called Kheng Ngangla, Zhemgang.

Miracle One Day

This book do not only talk about love but more of a faith. Meeting your own people after long time is happiness but managing things should be in centre. Young woman meeting her mother towards end gave me goosebumps.

Bhutanese Folk Tales -From the East and the South

That book brings back our childhood memories with no gadgets and internet but busy listening to the stories told by grand parents. That collection of stories came from various corners of the country preserving indigenous culture. 

The Tentacles of Love

With no option, I had to finish this book in a night. Twisting love and skeptical stories continuously hold me back to read more. This is the ever twisted love story I have read in my life. It nearly portrays the character of Veronika teaching sympathy, acceptance, and dedication. Author was meant to be a nurse, so I wish good luck for bringing joy.

Off Home Shores

I saw an author, taught me and guided many souls in Bhutan. That factor even inspired me more to grab his book and it was. It talks about his journey to other side of our country but gives the buzzing feelings to us. We know culture and mindset outside Bhutan.

Turning Point- A True Story

This book, I read it in a go. Everything seems like a real to me but put with lots of hard work, emotions, and dedication. Being strong to any situation that totally oppose you is one way of living that can eventually brings you happiness and success.

Lights in the Darkness

Somebody rightly mentioned, if you want to be a tall you be with a group of people who is shorter than you or be with same type of people to you. Author narrates difficulties of his life and hopefully I am praying for the benefits to others who is going through his book. I can even relate my life to it and eventually connects to my emotions. I was inspired by author's determination to achieve anything in his life. This book is inspiration for this generation.

Dawa: The Story of a Stray Dog in Bhutan

I had a privilege to read this book several times when I was in grade 9. From the first chapter, it took my heart out realizing brutality of human being. I have had poured out enough emotions to Dawa that challenge his ups and down's life. We can have enough bouquets and brickbats on this novel but more of a realization and introspection. With greediness, we hardly think of others.

PaSsu Diary: A Journal of an Ordinary Bhutanese

Is a interesting book comprising collections of different stories, views, love, and beauty. It do not only let me to read it continuously but with more attention and love towards every page. It talks about the beauty in Bhutan, surprises, and mindset that must be read by everybody. Reading other's blog is definitely difficult but with this book, we can read all his collections.