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English through Folktales of Bhutan

I have always liked to listen to folktalks from my grandparents and this book was just the book I have been looking for. There are18 folktales in this book and I like the one "the language of bird". So give you a short spoiler, this is a story of 2 friend a prince and a ministers son. Looking at the glowing and very excellent prince the ministers son began to feel jealous . So when they where returning home the ministers son kills the prince.when he reached the palace he started crying and told the king that a poisonous snake had bitten the prince and he couldn't save the prince. After telling the king the prince's last word 'a war see gey' but the king as well as his followers couldn't understand the word. So to see if the prince would get justice he deserve and to find out the meaning of his last world read this book to find out.
I really recommend this book because this book is full of hidden life lesson and schemes. And the stories are unique and it could be a little help for the declining culture and traditions of folktales.
I believe this book deserve 5 star...

Dema...Mystery of the missing egg

This is a fantasy based story, and I really enjoyed reading it. It kept me engaged in the story for a very long time. Even now when I recall it , I become very excited like I am reading it for the first time. This is a story about Dema a nun who is determined to solve the mystery of the missing egg. I really liked the character Dema because I can see how she is very determined and clever and how she never gives up from the seat backs she faces, instead it makes her more determined to solve the mystery. The thing I didn't like about this book is , the book is very short and there wasn't a true ending to the story and we have to wait for the second book which really destroyed the mood. I recommend this book to those who are into fantasy genre because this book give you a lot of imagination and the story is great. I believe that this book deserve 4star
#kinley gyelmo (Gelephu HSS)

La Ama... a mother’s call

This book made me realise that life isn't a fairy tale where good people get their happy ending. I realsied how naive I was before and how much my parents have protected me from the cruel reality of world. This book is about a young married women where she is abused by her husband because of small misunderstanding and how she couldn't take it and run away resulting in a accident. From here we learn how much she suffered from her parents devorce and on top of that how her teacher that she looks up to rapes her and she isn't even given the justice she deserves instead she has to drop out of school even though it wasn't her fault. How society discriminated against her and her mother being a divorced single mother and how she has to work everywhere for her to make a living and now how her life is same as her mothers, always getting abused by her alcoholic husband. After waking up she realises that she can't be the second person like her mother, always getting a beating and even death could be better than living like this, so after waking up she separates from her husband and moves out and then live a happy life with her 3 year old daughter. My favourite character would obviously be Dechen zangmo because I like her determination in the decision she makes, even if life was cruel to her she was determined to live a live a better life so she separates from her abusive husband. I would recommend this book to all the people out there but especially to women because in our society it is believed that women are beneath men so it is the right for the men to treat the
Women how he like it but I want all the women to know that if she wants to be happy then she has to speak out and learn to resist the violence. Its the women that gives the men courage to abuse her.when he first use violence ,you decided to accept it rather than fight which made him brave to abuse you the second time and there after. So I want all the women to be like Dechen zangmo and learn to fight for her happiness. If I could give anymore star than 5 I would..
#kinley gyelmo (Gelephu HSS)

Born in Jangbi

I dont have word to put for this book. This book made me very emotional and I couldn't stop thinking about me being in the protagonist shoe. I found it very heart warming. This book is about a young teenage boy sangyala and his sister sonamo and how they face the cruel reality of world. I liked the character sangyala very much because even though life was not fair to him he fought against fate and become someone successful and made even fate envy him. The only thing I don't like about the story is the story goes round and round but the main point is the same. I would recommend this book because this is a very inspiring book and by chance, if you need motivation this is the book you are looking for. So I really believe that this book deserve five star for making me inspired to work hard for my ambitions.

In Love with Butterflies and Other Stories

I only recently read this book and wow its a wonderful book. I like the story very much. This is a collection of short story and from all the stories I liked the one written by Riku Dhan Subba " The joy that the sky cannot hold". This story touched my heart, I got a warm homey vibes from it and I couldn't help liking this story. To summarize the story, its about a family where there was only a girl born after 3 sons and because of that she becomes the treasure of her family. So one time there was a drama where she plays the role of a princess and begs her elder brother to buy her a princess dress and she becomes so excited that it was like the whole world happiness was with her and all her family member could see how she couldn't sit still for the day to come sooner. when it was time for the drama something no one could dream, to find out read the book?. My most favourite character would the girl "kinley" because I found her to be very optimistic where in today's time it is hard to find. To tell you a truth I kind of found the story inside the book, short and its ends very quickly and I couldn't enjoy the moment well , this is the only part I am dissatisfied with. But eventhough short but the stories are great and i recommend this book for those reader who are into short story , it will be a perfect book. So I believe this book deserve 4 star..⭐⭐⭐⭐

Monster in My Room

I don't have word to put for this book. While reading this book i kept on wondering like a lttle girl who could be under the bed and when I knew it was just his cat and he was imagining all about having a monster, I laughed so hard I remember having a stomach ache after that. If you want to read something different I recommend this book, it will make you smile..
#kinley gyelmo (Gelephu HSS)

Dawa: The Story of a Stray Dog in Bhutan

To tell you the truth I found this book very ingenious. Every book I read have been from a human perspective but this book have been different, the author have written this book from an animal perspective. This is a story about a crooked dog name dawa and his struggle in thimphu and how he got to the post as a leader of the stray dogs community and the later half of the book describes his journey to bumthang to cure his disease and the difficulties he faced during the journey.
. #kinley gyelmo(Gelephu HSS)

Aunty Mouse

When i was a little girl this book used to be one of my favourite fairy tale and even now I get all butterflies when I see this book. It give the lesson that good people are always rewarded and kindness is a virtue.
#kinley gyelmo(Gelephu HSS)

Lights in the Darkness

This book"Light in the darkness" gave me lot of inspiration and I came to know how lucky I am to be born to a educated parents. I realise how much difficult is it to study in a society where people believe that education leads to no future and it better to work in the village that could be of some help to the parents. This book tell us a story about a young boy who is very much interested in learning and how much he struggled to feed his and his siblings stomach when he was just a little boy and his burden in life. And how he later realized that education is the only light to his dark world.

Coming Home

This book "coming home" was one of the best book I have come across. It is written in simple english and isn't that much of a problem to understand what the writer wanted to convey through her writing.I like the character and the way she describes everything, it give a lot to imagination. This book will always be one of my favourite. To give you some spoiler this is a story about a high schooler name Tashi choden and her life with her friend during high school and how they help each other to overcome their fear and become their better self.
#kinley gyelmo(Gelephu HSS)