Dema...Mystery of the missing egg

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Published In: 2017
ISBN: 9789993673316
No. of Pages: 110
Nu. 175.00

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"There is nothing left for us here Dema!" "Everything starts from nothing!" Who is Dema? What is the mystery of the missing egg?

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by Karma (October 29, 2021)

8 Reviews

Great book! The adventure in the book's pages was worthwhile.

by Tashi Dendup (April 04, 2021)

8 Reviews

Our version of the Harry Potter series. I took a handful of books to the class for sale on madam Chador's behalf and poof, all the books were gone. I couldn't even keep a copy for myself. It was so considerate of her to send me one later (signed). And coming to the story, my students were like, "There's no ending!" :D I had a hard time convincing them that writers employ a variety of devices to narrate their stories and that was probably one of them, done purposely (and purposefully) by the author.

by Durga Maya Ghalley (December 10, 2020)

1 Reviews

I really enjoyed reading this story determine to solve the mystery of the missing egg.
Summary: This book is about a girl named Dema a anim who found missing egg. Further, dame was a young girl descendant of Naljorma. She live in Goenpa with other little anims located high to a hill. Unfortunately one day when she was praying, she hears someone calling her for the help. So there it was a mother peasant who was seeking help to save her egg from the snake. Although after helping mother peasant to get back her egg back Dame find that she has lost her one of tooth. On the other hand, lama rinpoche tell story to Dema and before he dredge whole story lama rinpoche will die. Then with help of Acho Kota they find for clues of missing egg. Finally they will find egg but the evil dragon queen takes away the egg from Dema. Though dema tired her best to get back the egg from evil dragon but she failed as she has lost her sungki (protective thread) . Furthermore, as dema is descendant of Naljorma and promise to get back the egg. So dema will get the egg back and to know that " Follow the Dema in the kingdom of evil"
Protagonist: Dema
Minor characters: Yangchen, lama rinpoche, Acho kota,Anims,Druk Nagmo, Naljorma, mother peasant.Druk phozha, Druk Zham.

by Sangay Choden (December 09, 2020)

1 Reviews

This story tells us about Dema who is a nun at a very faraway monastry.she lives like other day she hears someone calling her for help .it was the mother peasant who was calling her to save her egg from the snake.after that help dema finds that one of her tooth got lost and at the same time thunder strikes lama and lama falls down out of unconsciousness. Lama wakes from the unconsciousness and tells a story to dema and saysacho kota and then dies.
Dema suddenly runs to acho kota for the clues and they start their mission to search for the egg.they finally finds the egg but the evil dragon queen snatches away the egg from dema.
Dema tries to stop the evil dragon queen but she fails as she had already lost her sungki.
But dema is determined to get the egg back so she promises to get back the egg.

#never giveup#

by Karma Yoezer Dema (December 09, 2020)

1 Reviews

Dema: Mystery of the missing egg written by Chador Wangmo.
This book is about a girl named Dema a nun who found the missing egg. Dema was a young girl, she lives in a Goenpa located high top a hill. When she was praying, outside the door she saw something going and she also heard a scary sound. That was a mistery dragon egg. It was a black female dragon who picked up the egg first. Dema followed many ways to get back the egg.
Where could be the egg now? To get the right answer, I would like to request you all to read the different series of the book "Dema".
My favourite character is Dema because I can see how she is determined and clever and how she faces, instead it makes her more determined to solve the mystery.
So lastly, I would like to thank the author for inspiring me.

Name: Karma Yoezer Dema
Class: VI
School: Wangphu Primary School
Dzongkhag: Samdrup Jongkhar
CID No.: 11608004373

by Kinley gyelmo (December 04, 2020)

10 Reviews

This is a fantasy based story, and I really enjoyed reading it. It kept me engaged in the story for a very long time. Even now when I recall it , I become very excited like I am reading it for the first time. This is a story about Dema a nun who is determined to solve the mystery of the missing egg. I really liked the character Dema because I can see how she is very determined and clever and how she never gives up from the seat backs she faces, instead it makes her more determined to solve the mystery. The thing I didn't like about this book is , the book is very short and there wasn't a true ending to the story and we have to wait for the second book which really destroyed the mood. I recommend this book to those who are into fantasy genre because this book give you a lot of imagination and the story is great. I believe that this book deserve 4star
#kinley gyelmo (Gelephu HSS)

by Singay Namgay (October 19, 2020)

31 Reviews

Dema - Mystry of the Missing Egg is a thrilling work of fiction set in a Goenpa that is home to little Anims. Dema, one of the little Anims of Goenpa hears a loud mysterious sound while everyone is asleep and the mystery of missing egg begins...
If you are planning to boost imagination power of your children through reading, this book is the right choice. It's also an excellent for fiction lovers.

by Pelden Wangchuk (July 31, 2020)

21 Reviews

A book full of fantasy and adventures focusing on Bhutanese style tells about the story of a young nun trying to fulfill her quest and an missing egg.

It's fun and fun to read la.