Astrologically Auspicious Aspects in Building Construction

Published In: 2011
ISBN: 978 99936 827 0 7
No. of Pages: 139
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Every patch of land has deities known as Saye Lhamo, Shinggi Lhamo, Dhogi Dhagpo, Sadag Lugyen and Nyaip who are in the possession of land, trees, stones, water and environment respectively. They are the true owners. If they are not appeased before and during the construction of house(s) or any other structure(s), it is like invading their territories and destroying their property. Inadvertently, we offend them only to face their wrath. Some of the consequences generally met during and after the construction due to non-performing of the rituals and ceremonies are: child born in that family would be dumb or otherwise handicapped; occurrence of adversities like divorce, huge debts, permanent disability, accidents, quarrels and unrest in house. Such misfortunes can continue to befall for generations after generations. Therefore, it is quite imperative to appease these deities prior to such action. It not only averts mishaps but also helps; they do help us. If the construction is done in astrologically auspicious way, the prosperity continues for generations after generations and the owner and occupants are blessed, by making their wishes spontaneously accomplished.

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