White Dove, Contemporary Poetry Anthology

Published In: 2020
ISBN: 978-606-48-0609-3
No. of Pages: 136

Book Overview

A poet and a soul with inner and outer activity. With the magic of words placed in flocks, vibrant in sounds. The soul is the dance of letters, and the verse is the emotional product. The poet's lyrics are like a lyre that sings with its wave and gives life. Through his voice, the poems represent the beauty that transforms them into the art of the word. Being an engine of inspiration and existence. The poet adapts perfectly with great value and appreciation from the reader. The volume of poems with a modern lyric, with a structure and a form, which creates a special state of mind, with a deep meaning, awakening strong feelings in us, as people. The poet Santosh has a rich and loving soul. Reading Santosh's lyrics, they managed to introduce me to the vibration of metaphors and epithets that try to convey the message of words. I travel through moods and emotions. He manages to capture in a nuanced way, the unseen universe of moods. Each poem urges a reverie, a deep introspection, it is like a dive, a fantastic exploration. The true book of a poet like Santosh is a unique one because the definition of a poet who publishes a good book lies in two words: talent and energy. Poetry is perceived exactly as it is shown, with all the transparency of a soul. He is aware of and understands the deep, sacred relationship that writers develop with poetry, but he does not deny his right to hope that beauty must be highlighted.

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