Twist of Fate and two other Novelettes

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Published In: 2021
ISBN: 978 99980 925 0 1
No. of Pages: 87

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Everyone has a story to tell the world but sadly only words sell, it is also true that so many great storytellers die unheard with their ideas I shaped. So, i have shape to this book in the name of all the storytellers who surrendered themselves to the icy hand of death even before the world could hear them. Read and discover the stories, which are at some point tragic,others romantic, yet few achingly beautiful.

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Customer Reviews (11)

by chimi Dema (July 03, 2022)

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very intersting

by Tashi Dorji (January 24, 2022)

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I have known this author for quite sometime now, i even follow his regular humorous updates and blogs. It is without a doubt that his debt which hit the market sometime in july 2021 has come as a surprise for me. The book is just 87 pages and has three seperate stories. It tales story in three different times and era but boiling the theme down to one, "choice in life" one among the many decipher-able themes.The word choice are simple and the most striving story is the one which happens in college where the main protaganist girl is made to leave her college boyfriend to marry a rich man for parents choice. This is heart breakinf and truly and eye opener for most of us. Although this practice ilof parents choice is not prevalent today, stull there are some. This books teaches a good leson.

by Dorji lhetro (January 24, 2022)

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This book is simply incredible. I love the way author makes us feel nostalgic and tales us back in time to those innocent days back in high school and border school also equally to college days when it was youthful, joyous and fun.I love how he has choosen words to create this master piece, for a start this is a wondeeful book and let me recommend you.

by Tshering bidha (September 20, 2021)

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Quite relatable in reality 

by Tshering Peldon (September 20, 2021)

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The story was interesting and was based on true story. It made me want to read more books written by this author.

by Arun (September 20, 2021)

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Great book, I have read and enjoyed more and more as flipped the latter pages. Keep up the spirit and hoping to read your next book too.

by Pema (September 20, 2021)

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Wonderful book. Keep up

by Karma yangzom (September 20, 2021)

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Written in a simple language with lots of enthusiasm.  Love this

by Hærkay (September 20, 2021)

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Great! The book is simple and easy to understand written with lots of wit. If you read it i am sure you wont regret it.

by Nima Choden (September 20, 2021)

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It was a wonderful book by a young collegian. You won't regret reading that.

by Message_i_never_typed (September 19, 2021)

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Twist of faith and two other novelettes- the most awaited book I read by a close known writer of mine, is so impressive and interesting. Inspiring because the writer has plotted each scene so realistically that I actually felt if I am the character playing the roles. The roles played by the characters are often a true one for most of the people in life.As a debut book it is so much that the writer has worked on the book. From the creative mind to cooking stories to making it read like real events happened, the writing has also done a very motivating work especially for a budding and aspiring writer like me and he himself for the near future.To your amazement, I must say this, that as I started reading the story I finished it in one go for every page and words attracted for more. Though the number of pages were few, it carried huge emotions and hard work of the writer. Hence, worth appreciating and reading.Thank you, writer.I've always learnt from watching you learn and reading your articles. It is really motivating to see you getting seceded.