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Chronicle of a Love Foretold

We once asked him if the story is his true story because it is deeply beautiful, lyrical and magical romantic narrative.
It's deserves to be best read so much as it deserves best of the praise.


Is life as linear as foretold in one's Kyetse? What does it take to realise purpose of life? What course does life take?
Journey of Sonam Dema and her friends tell riveting story of splendour and scarcity, beauty and ugliness, curses and blessings in life that either give or take away the beauty of life. Read the story of battles, hopes and hardship taken by Sonam to define purpose of her life.

As I Am, So is My Nation

If the idea of nation building is murky and if giving back to nation is not well convinced within us, this book is perfect guide. The author picks up from being diligent student to loyal public servant and delves down to being responsible citizen that counts to the nation building.
The title "As I am, So is my Nation" is a profound wisdom that can be suitably deconstructed as follows.
If we're successful so is our nation, if we cripple so will the nation.
The book as as famed as author.

My Green School: An Outline

As opposed to unidimensional approach and linear yardstick for education The Green School discusses multidimensional, holistic and humanistic approach to education which will be achieved through enhancement of eight types of school greenery.
Story of Wangmo's school suggest an urgent need for paradigm shift to make schools a "learner friendly" school.

Ballad of a Minor Man in a Major Chord

Poetry that distills the mind and and language that smoothens the thought.
It's a book with international standard that every poetry lovers should read.

Folktales Of Bhutan

Legendary book of floktales saved us from worry of disappearing legends and tales.
Great archive of floktales and interesting read.

Democratic Transition in Bhutan: Political Contests as Moral Battles

No one could have written on this subject better than Dasho Dr. Sonam Kinga.
Author, throughout the book, explicitly illustrates and explains the legality and relevance, and importance of Monarchical Institution in the arena of rapidly changing global politics. The author takes us through the historic election of first parliamentary democracy which is the major theme of political transformation. The later part of book draws our attention to battle of morality that political parties engaged in to gain upper and in political battle with firsthand account of election reality and politics. The books ends with strong and undebatable assertion and proof that Druk Gyelpo (the Throne) and Institution of Monarchy is above mundane political drama for the stability and harmony of country and people.
It is a must read book.

Bhutanese Tales of The Yeti

Yeti, a mysterious abominable man, an almost non-existent beast of nature is brought alive in her stories.
The stories of Yeti, also known as Dredpho in some dialects, used to be favourite bed time stories. The stories became one the best read literatures with publication of vividly illustrated stories by Kunzang Choden.
Read this book to encounter Yeti alive.

Dema...Mystery of the missing egg

Dema - Mystry of the Missing Egg is a thrilling work of fiction set in a Goenpa that is home to little Anims. Dema, one of the little Anims of Goenpa hears a loud mysterious sound while everyone is asleep and the mystery of missing egg begins...
If you are planning to boost imagination power of your children through reading, this book is the right choice. It's also an excellent for fiction lovers.

Lights in the Darkness

We could be misguided that a book authored by a High school student will be meant for high school students. I read this book a year ago and couldn't get the lesson learnt out of my head even if I wanted to. The book revolves around the them of how to turn our poverty into richness and how social negativity can be source of success and advanture. If you need an inspiration, grab this book.
I wanrn you, "Do not take this book for granted because it could change your life."

Turning Point- A True Story

As the followers of CLCS sexual abuse case are drowning in ocean of media information, disinformation and insinuation, Pema Wangchuk, a accused, gathers his courage to not just share the in-depth information of the case but also ventures into exposing the tip of the iceberg of complex nature of case, due processes and survival as freeman.
Turning Point isn't simply a true story, it's a deep yearning for freedom and demand for truth.