Dema in the Kingdom of Evil

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Published In: 2018
ISBN: 9789993673378
No. of Pages: 125

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"There is no hard and frozen winter that warmth of Spring cannot thaw." Second book of the Superhero

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by Sonam kiba (August 03, 2021)

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My favorite phrase of all time is when Dema says , ‘ There is no hard and frozen winter that the warmth of spring cannot thaw.’ I really enjoyed the book since it was adventurous and it also gives us a whole new set of imaginations and adventure as we join Dema, Acho Kota, Tatu and the white dragon. I really loved the ending as it gives us the values and importance of love and care because there really is no such thing as hatred that the warmth of love cannot erase. I Highly recommend this book to all the readers. Cannot wait to read the next adventures of Dema.

by Jangsem Thinley Yethroma (November 27, 2020)

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The story ' when little jichu learns to fly' written by Kinley Wangmo and Tshering Norbu Uden, is an inspiring story of a little bird who learns to fly and shares how people have experienced the values of helping in real ways, in their own lives. It has a power of values story in creating deeper connection of helping each other just because all of her friends are National Symbol of Bhutan.

by Karma Tandin Wangchuk (November 27, 2020)

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Hi everybody today I am gonna make a book review.The title of the book is Dema in the kingdom of evil and the author of the book is Chador Wangmo. But in this book Dema and acho Kota was going to Druk Ghi Yuel but in the middle of the way they meet a 300 old man named Tatu and when he talks at the end he always says “Kee “kee “kee and he knows everything.

So they go and meet a white dragon and if he sits on his thorn he will go colour rainbow.So they get inside Druk Nagmos lair and for miss sensitive people make her sneeze!.

At the end Dema said “There is no hard and frozen winter that warmth of spring cannot thaw” to Druk Nangmo and stay home stay safe.