The Whispers of Wind (Jigme in Bardo)

Published In: 2022
ISBN: 978-99980-840-8-6
No. of Pages: 300

Book Overview

Jigme’s story is narrated by the god of death to a butcher named Makhay who had died at the same time as Jigme. Jigme is ascending in Bardo with Godwin while Makhay explores the sceneries in purgatory with the god of death named Deadwin. Both of them are connected by an ancient tale called ‘Three devilish dares or a flask of beer’. Between the flashback and foreshadowing, this is a story of an ancient sage who had once fallen victim to a devil’s trick.
 Jigme is a middle-class family man in Thimphu. One fine day, he falls ill and finds out in Thimphu hospital that he suffers from an incurable viral disease. Afraid of stigmatization and isolation that he might face, he decides to keep the secret to himself and he hides his medical report. However, his wife is six months pregnant and Jigme lives in constant fear knowing that his wife will come to know about it one or the other day. Rewa is born but her fate is doomed. Jigme’s wife coincidentally finds the medical report that was hidden by Jigme. Their son Lucky who studies in YHSS is shocked and shattered as he faces bullying and discrimination in school because of the illness. Meanwhile, the relationship between Jigme and Karma takes a different turn fuelled by blames, quarrels, and fights. Karma takes Rewa and goes Paro to her father’s house. Unfortunately, in the turn of the event, karma burns herself and Rewa putting end to her and Rewa’s suffering. Jigme is trodden and miserable. He decides to dedicate his life to finding the meaning and purpose of his life. He travels to Bodhgaya for spiritual healing from a great healer. In his journey, he meets the healer of the hills but only on his deathbed. Still inspired by Gelong Ma Pelmo’s story, he travels to Bumthang and continues meditating near the cave of Gelong ma Pelmo until his final days. From painful life on earth to unimaginable suffering in hell, Jigme's story is about forgiveness, redemption, and giving purpose to one’s life.

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