Feather of Soul

Published In: 2019
ISBN: 978-99980-877-0-5
No. of Pages: 75

Book Overview

With every single moment, each person has his own peaks and valleys in life. Many are driven by greed and desire, holding back loved ones and forgetting to value the purpose of living. A small, unfair judgment is easy to pass, but hard for someone to accept. Seemingly normal life can twist and turn with a single incident. Kuenphel Rinden, an excellent student born with perfection in every field both academic and non-academic, can’t hold back his honor upon facing the betrayal of love, unfair judgments in school and the lack of his parents’ support. His life turns a bright day into a dark night. The earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but the greed of Kuenphel goes to shocking extremes of disobedience, violence, and murder. When the time comes, he must learn an unforgettable lesson before his perfect existence is forever destroyed.

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