Depa Bondeypa's Relatives

Published In: 2016
ISBN: 978-99936-619-5-5
No. of Pages: 134
Nu. 250.00

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Book Overview

Depa Bondeypa’s Relatives is a fascinating story about a penurious man’s experiences with human relations- friends and relatives in particular. It is based on a local Kurtoep legend of a man called Depa Bondeypa who was believed to have been a descendent of local chieftains who had ruled the locality of Nyondela many generations before him; a man whose life experiences gave birth to a popular local saying: Depa Bondeypa’s Relatives. The author dramatizes the story by skilfully blending local traditions, customs, myths, and vivid retracing of an ancient trade route between Lhuentse and Bumthang districts of Bhutan into the legend. It is a Bhutanese story that is rarely told the way the author tells it. Yet another intriguing story by the author of The Talisman of Good Fortune and other Stories from Rural Bhutan.

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